James Roberts

James Roberts is an UK Transformers writer. He wrote Transformers fanfick and managed to get Penguin books to publish it. That landed him a job at IDW where he writes “Transformers : More Than Meets The Eye”

The Fanfick in question is Eugenesis, which starts with one of the worst convoluted mess ever conceivable to connect the marvel UK/US comic with the 1986 G1 motion picture and goes downwards from there. (just read the TV tropes page ) Its extremely long and very painful to read due to JB’s weird ideas.

For some reason JB has attained internet godhood and has an army of rabid fangirls (most of them Male) protecting his honor at idw forums and most other TF Forums to the point where even slightly critic of JB is met with overwhelming force…

The sad thing is that he isnt a bad writer, (he occasionally writes stuff that are enjoyable) just that when the editor at IDW lets him do wtf he wants he lets his OCD like obsessiveness with all the weird shit in the G1 tv cartoon take over.

JB’s version of Transformers don’t transform mechanically its more described as a morphing ability bestowed by the magical “Transformers cog” which transforms them by spinning.

They are also made out of tinfoil, the relative easiness of punching through & stabbing TF’s makes it obvious that he writes them as metalpainted humans. After 4 million years of war it should be that all “soft” Transformers are already dead or has been upgraded to atleast be relatively armored. Whirl skewering Fortress Maximus entire torso with a piece of deck plating is absurd..

The crew of the lost light under his Pen is a collection of all the mental problems humanity exhibits and always to the max. The only sane ( and its debatable) crewmember is Trailbreaker and he’s a raving alcoholic.

I could go on ranting about it forever…