in chronological order…

I haven’t even opened any of the Transformers comics packages I have received from NTFA for the last 10 months because I just couldn’t take any more of James Roberts and John Barber shit.

Well I found a “read IDW Transformers Chronological” guide and thought, I’ll have to read it some time….

2006-2015 is a loong tiime and IDW has released a ton of issues since then….

After sorting it out on my work table and reading Megatron origins by Eric Holmes and autocracy by Metzen & Dille it felt like I was reading a different TF universe than the Roberts and Barber universe but it really struck home when I read Infiltration again for the first time in probably 5 years.

The TF universe Furman Created for IDW was amazing compared to the crap it morphed into and while I’m not going to say that Furman can do nothing wrong (he can, he does, omg he does…) he clearly intended it towards the grown up fans instead of those that glorifies each and every nonsensical stupidity of the G1 cartoon. The same rabid fans that IDW listened to and decided to reboot their TF universe with the “All hail Megatron” discontinuity party.

Now most of the stuff that takes place “chronologically” before infiltration is either written during the Furman period or by people seemingly sharing his ideas so the change in infiltration is not that jarring so it do work rather okay to read it chronologically.

Infiltration in itself is great, Furman uses the human protagonists as an anchor to bring TF’s into reality and has in story rules of engagement for tf’s (even if we don’t get them spelled out) on why Megatron just dont land 60 Decepticons on earth and take over.

Despite the first issue “MTMTE” hide in plain view sneakiness its mostly action with the 3 last issues full on Decepticon VS Autobot and Decepticons VS decepticon brawl.

The Series ends with Megatron showing his Fusion canon into Starscreams chest and blowing away everything between neck and groin. And starscream survives it with Megatron indicating that its not surprising…

Now onto Stormbringer.